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Will Iran War be Another October Surprise?   

The Counter Punch - 23 April, 2012
Author: Andrew Levine

Will Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu concoct a war with Iran? Not if they have a tenth of the sense they were born with. But that's not much consolation when we're dealing, on the one hand, with a vulture capitalist and one time Mormon bishop whose flip flopping gives opportunism a bad name and, on the other, with a fascistically inclined ethnocratic zealot on a mission from God.
People power comes with responsibility
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-10-05
As democratic changes take place, the people have a constructive role to play, so do their leaders....
Dubai's initiative for Arab development
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-10-05
The only way to keep youth on the straight and narrow path is to involve them in the development process....
Restraining abusive sponsors
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-10-05
The recent announcement by the UAE Labor Minister Saqr Ghobash that the Gulf State is set to introduce labor reforms that will take effect on Jan. 1 is music to...
India and UN reforms
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-10-05
One need not read too much into last week's reiteration by some world powers of their backing for India's bid for a seat in UN Security Council. One of them,...
Middle East meltdown and global risk
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
Among today's geopolitical risks, none is greater than the long arc of instability stretching from the Maghreb to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. With the Arab Spring an increasingly distant memory, the...
Ending red tape in Health Ministry
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
There is an Arab proverb that says, "Never trust a carpenter whose house's door is cracking." This proverb applies to the Ministry of Health, which reportedly refuses to offer treatment...
Of scofflaw drivers and road safety
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
The recklessness of some Saudi drivers never ceases to amaze me. Now I can add to my list of the scofflaws, drivers who are members of my own family....
Yemenis in Kingdom
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
Yemenis have always considered Saudi Arabia as their second home. Relations between the people of Saudi Arabia and Yemen have always been very strong. Yemenis have always lived in peace...
Avoiding clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
This is the highest level of tension that the two neighbors, Saudi Arabia and Iran, have reached since the end of the Iraqi-Iranian war 27 years ago. For those acquainted...
Al-Barazi: Accountant, IT expert, part-time trader
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
Ziad Al-Anzi, a Syrian expat, never thought his longtime neighbor in Al-Fayah neighborhood in the capital would one day turn out to be a terrorist and explosives producer or that...
Polls: 1,066 women among 7,600 in fray
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
A total of 7,600 candidates are in fray for municipal council elections. Judeh Al-Qahtani, president of the executive committee of municipal elections, said 1,066 of them are women....
Boost for higher education
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman approved the formation of an interim committee to manage higher education affairs. The committee, which will study issues of universities, will be...
Arrest of Filipina in terror case shocks community
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
The arrest of a Filipino woman in a raid on an illegal explosives factory in the capital has sent shockwaves among the community, even as the country's envoy is waiting...
Dengue cases drop in Jeddah
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
Cases of dengue fever in Jeddah recently dropped with the city registering between three to five suspected cases, a local newspaper reported....
Al-Falih outlines Health Ministry's rapid response during Haj 2015
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-05
Health Minister Khalid Al-Falih has expressed his deepest condolences to the families of those who died in the Mina stampede and wished a speedy recovery to the injured....
FNC elections: Big win for the people of UAE
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-10-04
Announcing the 20 elected members to the Federal National Council, Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Federal National Council Affairs, said: "All are winners today....
Yemen PM warns Houthis: 'No room for anymore adventures'
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-04
Yemeni Prime Minister Khaled Bahah has warned Houthi terrorists that there is no place in the country for more adventures....
Security raids in Riyadh thwart suicide attacks
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-04
Saudi security forces defused a bomb that could have claimed the lives of many citizens and residents of Riyadh....
600 militants flee Syria, says Russia
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-10-04
Russian air strikes Saturday targeting Daesh group in Syria have sown "panic," forcing some 600 "militants" to abandon their positions and head to Europe, Moscow claimed....
Double suicide attack in Iraq kills 18
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-10-04
Two large bombings in Shia-majority neighborhoods in the Iraqi capital killed at least 18 people Saturday....
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