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Damn such a democracy!   

Kuwait Times - 01 May, 2012
Author: Mubarak Bin Shafi Al-Hajri

"Damn your mother…I'll show you, you coward, you are silly. Damn your parent, you dog. Damn your mother. You are a servant, you monkeys!"

These words were not uttered by a bunch of children fighting outside a primary school at the end of a school day. These were said by a group of men that supposedly represent the nation in Parliament!

Do these people really represent the nation? If the answer is yes, then we are a nation that does not deserve, understand or are fit for democracy. The Parliament is not a playground for children, gentlemen, where people can call each other names. It is a place for the elite – those who are exponents in science, culture, manners and knowledge of the nation’s demands and requirements. Are these so-called parliamentarians part of our elite group? Do we make wise choices? Do they really reflect our real image?

The entire region is on top of a volcano of problems while our MPs are calling each other names and cursing each others’ mothers. Kuwait is regressing, acting childishly!

In fact, we are responsible for this state and should take a part of the blame because we place our own group, party, sect or tribe interests ahead of those of Kuwait. Therefore, we have lost ourselves and our democracy. We voted for those we thought were adult enough to represent us. Unfortunately, they failed us and proved unworthy of our trust. We are always complaining about deterioration of services in Kuwait without realizing that we contributed to it .

I personally, do not believe Arab nations can be democratic, and this belief is growing stronger by watching the practices of our lawmakers. I am right about this!

I wonder where such childish practices are leading us to, but I’m sure that the results won’t be good for Kuwait. Therefore, using their terminology, I say to them all : “Damn such a democracy as yours!” – Al-Watan

By Mubarak Bin Shafi Al-Hajri
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