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Women police raise funds for Syrian refugees
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2014-07-15
The association is collecting all kinds of necessary relief goods for the refugees. She said the collections also include copies of the Holy Quran, clothing, prayer mats and foodstuff....
Clashes on Syria-Lebanon border kill several
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2014-07-15
Heavy clashes along the Syria-Lebanon border killed several people, including a number of Hezbollah fighters and Syrian rebels, Lebanese officials and a Syrian activist group said Monday....
5,500 Gulf citizens fighting with ISIS
Source : Gulf Daily News  
Date : 2014-07-14
Estimates suggest up to 5,500 Gulf nationals are fighting with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to a UAE-based expert....
Iraq Crisis and U.S. Policy
Source : Congressional Research Service-CRS  
Date : 2014-07-14
The offensive in northern and central Iraq, led by the Sunni Islamist insurgent and terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, aka ISIS), has raised significant...
Taking hi-tech steps to root out the ISIS threat
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2014-07-14
I love life just like any moderate Muslim does. At the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, I took my family to a Turkish coffee shop in Jeddah following...
Arab Sunnis Must Confront ISIS
Source : Asharq Al-Awsat  
Date : 2014-07-14
Putting aside the precise details of what is happening in the region-including the absurd establishment of an "Islamic State" by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)-it is clear...
Iran Daily comments on Gaza massacre, 'Islamic State' rulers
Source : Islamic Republic News Agency  
Date : 2014-07-14
'Iran Daily' on Monday condemned the ongoing atrocities in the Gaza Strip urging all Muslims to stand up against those people who have fallen into Israel's trap by having a...
Netherlands to admit 250 Syrian refugees
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2014-07-14
The first group of Syrian refuges is expected to arrive in Amsterdam Monday after the Dutch government decided to admit 250 Syrian refugees in the country....
Jordan probes murder of Syrian rebel leader
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2014-07-14
Jordan is probing the murder of a Syrian rebel commander in the capital Amman, a security official said on Sunday, as the opposition blamed the Damascus regime for his killing....
'Jordan reluctant to host US-led Syria rebel training'
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2014-07-13
Jordan, where the US Central Intelligence Agency has been covertly training Syrian rebels for more than a year, is reluctant to host an expanded rebel instruction programme, US officials said....
Syria says will cooperate with UN in humanitarian domains
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2014-07-13
Syrian deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Miqdad on Saturday stressed his government's keenness to cooperate with the UN in the humanitarian domain, but the UN must respect Syria's sovereignty and unity....
UN to vote on improved Syria aid access
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2014-07-13
The United Nations Security Council is set to adopt a resolution on Monday authorizing humanitarian convoys to serve millions of Syrian civilians by traveling from neighboring Turkey, Jordan and Iraq....
Syrians offered 200 KKU scholarships
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2014-07-13
King Khaled University (KKU) has offered 200 scholarships to Syrian students for the coming academic year, an official from the university said here....
America is losing the message war
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2014-07-13
What, exactly, does the US stand for in the Middle East? More important, what would the average Iraqi, Syrian, Egyptian or Yemeni say that it stands for? The suggestion that...
Common cause with Iran
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2014-07-13
Illustrating that point, the advance in Iraq and Syria of the Islamic Stateposes a threat to the United States while clarifying choices for US policymakers. The question confronting the United...
US asks Europe to take in more Syrian refugees
Source : Gulf Today  
Date : 2014-07-12
Europe must open its doors to more Syrian refugees, having welcomed only a "miniscule" number while Syria's neighbours have reached "saturation point," UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Friday....
De Mistura to be new Syria peace mediator
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2014-07-12
De Mistura has worked with the UN in Somalia, the Middle East, the Balkans, Nepal, Iraq and Afghanistan during the past 30 years....
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Wed Jul 30, 2014| 02-شوال-1435هـ
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