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Obama predicts defeat of ISIL, defends Iran nuclear deal in war veterans speech
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2015-07-22
In an address Tuesday to the National Convention of Veterans of Foreign Wars, President Barack Obama predicted that ISIL will be defeated, and defended the agreement with Iran aimed at...
Mideast crises stem from support for terrorists: Iran FM
Source : Tehran Times  
Date : 2015-07-22
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that providing support for the terrorists is the main reason for the continuation of crisis and extremism in the Middle East region....
David Cameron's fatal mistakes on Syria and ISIS
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-07-22
Back in August 2013, British Prime Minister David Cameron gracefully accepted a Parliamentary decision to reject going to war on Syria. A Parliamentary vote would not be challenged and he...
What Choices after the Iran Nuclear Deal?
Source : Asharq Al-Awsat  
Date : 2015-07-22
Most Arab commentary and analysis about the nuclear deal agreed by the P5+1 with Iran focused on its political aftershocks on the Arab World. It was obvious to most analysts...
US drone crashes in Iraq
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2015-07-22
The Pentagon confirmed that one of its reconnaissance drones, which was deployed to Syria and Iraq to gather intelligence, had crashed in Iraq's Samawa province. The crash of the MQ-1...
Syria rebels rain rockets on Shiite villages in Idlib
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-22
Syrian rebels, including Al-Qaeda-affiliated fighters, have fired hundreds of rockets and mortar shells on two besieged Shiite-majority villages in the northwestern province of Idlib, a monitor said Tuesday....
Turkey steps up security after border attack; suspect identified
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-22
Turkish authorities have identified a suspect over the suicide bombing close to Turkey's border with Syria that left 32 activists dead, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Tuesday....
Turkey tightens security along border
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-22
Turkey is cracking down on its border with Syria after a suicide bomber murdered 30 young people on Monday in the frontier town of Suruc. The announcement made by Prime...
Iran nuclear deal fallout
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-07-22
The contrast last week could hardly have been sharper: Indignation, rage and firebombs on the avenues of Athens; barely restrained joy on the streets of Tehran....
After the Iran nuclear deal
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-07-21
The Iran nuclear deal has given us more questions than answers. Will our fears and concerns end or escalate further after the deal? Will the pact help the US and...
Syria regime, Kurds join hands to fight Daesh
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-21
In two districts of Syria's Hasakeh city, Kurdish fighters and regime forces rest before returning to battle Daesh (the so-called IS) group, a shared enemy being fought jointly for the...
Qatar backs refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-07-21
Masoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan Region of Iraq, yesterday met Foreign Minister H E Dr Khalid bin Mohamed Al Attiyah in Arbil....
Daesh prohibits private internet in Syria bastion
Source : Gulf Today  
Date : 2015-07-21
Daesh terrorists are banning private internet access in its Syrian bastion Raqqa, forcing residents and even its own fighters to use internet cafes where they can be monitored, activists say....
Stop The Cowards: Bahrain condemns terrorist attack on Turkey
Source : Gulf Digital News  
Date : 2015-07-21
Bahrain yesterday condemned a terrorist attack in Turkey which killed 31 people – mostly students....
Should Turkey worry about Iran nuke deal?
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-07-21
The historic nuclear deal between Iran and major powers last week will help expand Turkey's already lucrative trade with Iran, but it could also disturb Ankara if Tehran seeks to...
The Iran nuclear deal and its discontents
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-07-21
For almost two years, the Islamic Republic of Iran, one of the oldest, most intractable countries in the world, found itself, negotiating secretly, dueling publicly and bargaining incessantly and cunningly...
Iran's true gains from the nuclear deal
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-07-21
Iran has fulfilled two pillars of its fixed strategy. The first is U.S. and international recognition of the legitimacy of the Islamic Republic that imposes religion on the state, with...
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Thu Jul 30, 2015| 13-شوال-1436هـ
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