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The Rapid Spread of ISIS
Source : Asharq Al-Awsat  
Date : 2015-07-10
One of the differences between Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) lies in the way members join each of these ultra-radical groups....
200 Americans have gone or tried to go to Syria: FBI
Source : Gulf Today  
Date : 2015-07-10
More than 200 Americans have travelled or attempted to travel to Syria to fight for militants, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) chief James Comey said on Wednesday....
The world ignores Syrian refugee tragedy
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-10
There comes a point in most computations when the numbers grow so large as to be meaningless - simply because they can no longer be imagined....
Never-ending plight of Syrian refugees
Source : Gulf Today  
Date : 2015-07-10
The suffering of the Syrian people continues to reach new depths. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, has confirmed that more than 4 million Syrians have fled abroad since the 2011...
Syria heading for more chaos
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-07-10
The current scenario in the Middle East points to more bloodshed in the region during this ongoing summer. The armed conflict has dismantled the region, destroyed its capabilities and infused...
Number of Syrian refugees tops four million mark: UN
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-07-09
More than four million Syrians have fled the civil war ravaging their country to become refugees in the surrounding region - a million of them in the past 10 months...
'Poisoned' iftar meal kills 45 Daesh extremists
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-07-09
At least 45 Daesh group militants have died after eating a poisoned iftar meal, British newspaper the Daily Mail has reported....
FBI: Over 200 Americans have tried to fight for ISIL in Syria
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2015-07-09
Over 200 Americans have attempted to travel to Syria to fight with ISIL, FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee late on Wednesday....
What will our region look like come November 2016?
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-07-09
Against the backdrop of genocide committed by the rump of the Syrian regime against its people in the service of the agreed regional script for the Arab Mashreq (East), and...
Humanitarian support, devilish support?!
Source : Arab Times  
Date : 2015-07-09
Kuwaiti volunteers, led by Dr Fahad Al-Rashidi, have informed KUNA that they distributed relief goods to 570 Syrian families living in various locations in the Jordanian capital. The Kuwaiti humanitarian...
Two Saudis jailed for fighting in Syria
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-09
Two Saudi men were sentenced to prison and banned from travel after being convicted of involvement in terrorist activities abroad. Jeddah Penal Court found the men guilty of traveling to...
Held: Spain woman who recruited girls for Daesh
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-07-09
Spanish police on Tuesday arrested a woman suspected of recruiting pre-teen girls and teenagers to send to areas controlled by Daesh in Syria....
Fighting the enemy within
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-07-09
The Shoura Council's decision last month to reject a draft law on national unity that would protect all Saudis from discrimination and racism came to many as a surprise. Of...
US to increase support for Syria opposition: Obama
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-08
President Barack Obama pledged to increase US support for the moderate opposition in Syria's civil war on Monday and said the United States needed to do more at home to...
Al-Nusra suicide blast kills 25 Syrian soldiers
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-07-08
A suicide bomber from Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, Al-Nusra Front, killed 25 soldiers and fighters loyal to the regime in an attack on an army base in government-held Aleppo, a UK-based...
Turkey has rounded up 15,000 Daesh cadres - diplomat
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-07-08
Turkey's security agencies have arrested 15,000 members of the Daesh terrorist organization at its airports and border crossings, a diplomat said here recently....
Daesh's carrot-and-stick policy for Sunni tribes fails
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-07-08
Using a combination of promises and threats, Daesh (the so-called IS) is working hard to win over Sunni tribes, analysts say, but without much success....
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Tue Jul 28, 2015| 11-شوال-1436هـ
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Women should take part in FNC elections: Gargash
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GCC-wide VAT 'likely in the next three years'
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Rethinking the war on Daesh
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