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Mogherini rules out European initiative to solve Syrian conflict
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2015-09-24
EU High Representative Federica Mogherini discarded Wednesday the idea of launching an EU initiative to resolve the Syrian conflict but stressed oEuropean support to the ongoing efforts by the UN...
Syrians fighting to save heritage
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-09-24
Scientists are slipping 3-D cameras into Syria to local activists and residents to scan antiquities. A US-funded project aims to provide local conservators with resources to help safeguard relics. Inside...
Moscow bolsters arm support to Syria tyrant
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-09-23
Syria said Tuesday it had received sophisticated new arms from Russia including warplanes and deployed them against militants, as signs grew of a major shift in the country's four-year conflict....
No troops, advisers in Syria or Yemen: Iran
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-09-23
Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said on Tuesday his country had no troops or military advisers in Syria or Yemen, the RIA news agency reported....
Kerry says Russian support for Assad risks confrontation
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-09-23
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday Russia's military support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could raise the risk of confrontation with coalition forces fighting Islamic State there....
UK, France call on EU leaders to support comprehensive solution to refugees crisis
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2015-09-23
UK and France called Wednesday on the leaders of the European Union (EU) to find a comprehensive solution for the Syrian refugees crisis....
Syria regime intensifies raids on Palmyra
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-09-23
The Syrian regime has intensified its air strikes on the jihadist-held ancient city of Palmyra, killing more than 100 people including civilians in recent days, a monitoring group said Wednesday....
KSA blames world silence for Assad's killing spree
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-09-22
Saudi Arabia has expressed dismay over international community's utter ignorance of the lives of Syrians battered by Bashar Assad's regime and its inability to protect them....
Russian drones in Syria, says US
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-09-22
Russia has started flying drone aircraft on surveillance missions in Syria, two US officials said on Monday, in what appeared to be Moscow's first military air operations inside the country...
Regime responsible for Syria crisis: Qatar
Source : Gulf Times  
Date : 2015-09-22
Qatar yesterday reiterated that the Assad regime bears responsibility for violations, crimes and humanitarian tragedies in Syria....
Regime fire kills 18 civilians in Aleppo
Source : Gulf Today  
Date : 2015-09-22
Heavy bombardment by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad killed at least 18 civilians on Monday in a residential district of the northern city of Aleppo, a monitor...
Russia deploys 28 fighter planes in Syria
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-09-22
Russia has deployed 28 combat planes in Syria, US officials said yesterday, confirming the latest move in Moscow's increasing military presence in the war-torn nation....
Putin's plan: Moscow handles Syria, U.S. looks after Iraq
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-09-22
At the end of this month, New York will be see several initiatives, talks, understandings, and deals come together under two main themes: terrorism and immigration. Both issues in the...
Warplanes, not diplomacy, on Syria's horizon
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-09-22
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's call on Saturday for renewed diplomatic efforts to end the Syrian conflict is wishful thinking, amid several indications that if anything, the war is...
Arab League inaction on migrants shameful
Source : Arab Times  
Date : 2015-09-22
Everyone is talking about the refugee crisis overwhelming Europe; everyone apart from the League of Arab States that is. To date it has had little to say on the topic...
Needless furore
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-09-22
Giving army powers to deal with migrants is an overreach by the Hungarian government....
We have failed Syria's children
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-09-22
Four years on, the war in Syria could take a turn for the worse with the Russians now joining the fray....
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Fri Oct 9, 2015| 25-ذو الحجة-1436هـ
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