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Syrians top asylum seekers in EU - Eurostat
Source : Kuwait News Agency  
Date : 2015-05-12
EU Member States granted protection status to 185,000 asylum seekers in 2014, up by almost 50 percent compared with 2013, Eurostat, the EU's statistical bureau reported Tuesday....
Let us use ISIS and Iran's tools against them
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-05-12
The impertinence of Iran and its militias has gone as far as opening public recruitment offices in Baghdad. Perhaps they have gone this far due to concerns over Operation Decisive...
Camp David should be about more than 'words and weapons'
Source : Al Arabiya TV  
Date : 2015-05-12
Recent comments made by the UAE Ambassador to the U.S. can be regarded as indicative of the sentiment most Gulf states have towards the current U.S. administration and its imminent,...
Camp David meeting an opportunity to reassure Arabs that Iran deal is not a threat: NY Times
Source : Tehran Times  
Date : 2015-05-12
President Obama's meeting with Arab leaders this week in Camp David is an opportunity to reassure the Persian Gulf Arab states that America's engagement and probable nuclear deal with Iran...
Iran calls Turkish PM's unauthorized entry into Syria 'dangerous'
Source : Tehran Times  
Date : 2015-05-12
The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Monday said the Turkish prime minister's unauthorized entry into the Syrian soil under the excuse of visiting the tomb of an ancient king is a...
Actions Speak Louder than Words, Mr. President
Source : Asharq Al-Awsat  
Date : 2015-05-12
The upcoming summit at Camp David may be the most significant US-Gulf meeting in the last 50 years. This is not because it would be the first time a US...
The Houthi misadventure exposes Iran's designs
Source : The Peninsula  
Date : 2015-05-12
After the announcement that Operation Decisive Storm has formally ended, the Houthi militias rushed to try to improve their image, which has become very dark and ugly, in order to...
Will Obama's exit change US policy?
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-05-12
Barack Obama's job is nearing its expiration. He campaigned on "Yes we can" but with regards to foreign policy he either "did" half-heartedly or didn't when America's intervention was needed....
First GCC-France summit makes history
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-05-12
On May 5, Riyadh hosted the first-ever GCC-France summit, where President François Hollande launched his "strategic partnership" initiative with the GCC. The positive feedback from GCC leaders and the historical...
Heavy fighting rages around Idlib
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-05-12
Heavy fighting raged around the city of Idlib in northwestern Syria on Thursday as rebels pressed their offensive against the government stronghold. An array of armed opposition groups have advanced...
UK to train Syrian opposition
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-05-12
Britain will train Syrian "moderate opposition forces" in Turkey and other regional countries as part of international efforts to fight Islamic State militants, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon announced on Thursday....
Iran expands 'empire' ahead of nuclear deal
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-05-12
With Iran moving closer to a deal with world powers to constrain its nuclear program in return for an end to sanctions, Arab analysts and leaders are focused more on...
In Syria, race to save antiquities from looting, damage
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-05-12
Workers at Syria's National Museum of Damascus carefully wrap statues and place them in boxes to be transported to a safe place, hoping to save the priceless pieces from theft...
Keeping Militants At Bay-Moroccan 'FBI' and imam training control militancy
Source : Saudi Gazette  
Date : 2015-05-12
Morocco, on guard against attacks like the Tunis museum massacre, prides itself on being a bastion against extremism with its anti-militant ''FBI" and training of imams to preach tolerance....
A guiding force for decades
Source : Arab News  
Date : 2015-05-12
Enjoying the distinction of being the longest-serving foreign minister in the world (1975-2015), Prince Saud Al-Faisal was a guiding force to reckon with....
Obama to try to allay Gulf nation leaders' fears about Iran
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-05-11
Leaders of Gulf nations unnerved by Washington's nuclear talks with Iran and Tehran's meddling across the Middleeast are looking to President Barack Obama to promise more than words and weapons...
Political solution in Yemen is possible without Iran, says Gargash
Source : Khaleej Times  
Date : 2015-05-11
Dr Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, has stressed that a political solution in Yemen is possible without Iran. The Houthis can be part of the...
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Sun May 24, 2015| 05-شعبان-1436هـ
Qatif attack 'divisive design'
Iraq exports hold close to record high in May
Pakistan denies selling nukes to Saudi Arabia
Emaar's $100b Saudi city to be ready by '35
Nuclear talks to resume in Vienna on May 26: Iran
Oman refinery firm borrows $910m from Gulf banks
IS cements grip on Iraq-Syria border in jihadist surge
Iran to build LP gas storage facilities abroad
UAE condemns terrorist attack on Saudi Arabia's Qatif mosque
Oil product trade: Saudi Arabia aiming high
Air transport agreement key to carry forward GCC-EU dialogue: GCAA
Saudi Arabia firms' market cap hits SR1.75 trillion in 4 years
UAE Govt Leaders Programme team visits giant US companies
20 killed in Saudi mosque blast, Daesh claims attack
China's Iran oil imports in April at 11-month high
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