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Iraq PM says Ramadan to celebrate victory over 'terrorists'
Date : August 31, 2008
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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Sunday that Iraqis will this year celebrate Ramadan as a victory over terrorism amid an overall drop in violence across the country.

Iraqi Sunnis will observe the Muslim holy month of Ramadan from Monday, to be followed a day later by Shiites.

"Ramadan comes at a time when the Iraqis have earned the result of their patience and victory on terrorists, criminals and outlaws," Maliki said in a statement.

"The success of our forces to enforce the law is helping in the return of thousands of Iraqis to their country and homes. There is progress in security and peace," he added.

Since the aftermath of the US-led invasion in March 2003, Ramadan has seen intense bloodletting across Iraq, until violence started ebbing from the middle of last year.

US and Iraqi officials claim that violence across the country is currently at a four-year low.

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