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Houthi militias turn school into a 'death factory'   

Saudi Gazette - 17 July, 2017

A Yemeni military official confirmed that the Houthi militias and the ousted Saleh supporters had converted a school in a village in the area of Mahjaza, north-west of the Serwah directorate in Marib, north of Sanaa, to manufacture mines and explosives.

Colonel Saleh Tariq, head of the military engineering division in the third region, said that after the liberation of the village, the Yemeni army have seized huge quantities of raw materials used in the manufacture of mines and explosives inside the school. Hundreds of explosive devices, mines and bombs were being made at the school.

He pointed out that the coup militias turned the school from an educational institute that helped build generations to a manufacturing center for tools of death and destruction.

According to Colonel Tariq, the engineering team was able to remove about 4,500 mines from the Mkhdra region, which was liberated a few weeks ago, and cleared about 5 kilometers out of an area that exceeds 25 kilometers.

He stressed that before the militias withdrew, they spread mines and explosives everywhere in homes, roads, farms, valleys, even in drinking water wells and water lifting pumps.

In turn, human rights activist Abdu Shamlan considers that the coup militants transformed the schools into places for the manufacture of mines and explosives to spread death. They violated all human, moral and religious values, pointing out that these mines and explosives will remain a challenge in the long term, in an undeclared war against civilian lives.

The photos show that the militias used the halls, classrooms and desks at the school for making these mines and explosives.

According to the Yemeni military sources, the militias have experts from Iran's Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah, training its elements on how to manufacture mines and explosive devices locally, and turning them into random lethal weapons that kill as many innocent people as possible.

The Yemeni Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations (Rassd), documented the deaths of 615 civilians, including 101 children under the age of 16. A mine explosion killed 26 women.

These mines planted by the militias between December 2014 and December 2016, have caused injuries to 924 civilians, including 160 children, and 36 women in 16 Yemeni governorates.

The coalition also documented the death of another 39 people by mines in several Yemeni governorates, includes five children and three women, with 69 injured including 14 children, during the first five months of this year.

The militia have planted hundreds of thousands of primitive mines randomly in areas and neighborhoods that were liberated from their control.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch accused the Houthi and Saleh militias of using antipersonnel landmines, which caused deaths and deformities among civilians, disrupting their life in the affected areas.
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