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This is how much UAE police officers earn

17 July 17

Khaleej Times

The police officer's job in the UAE involves a lot of hard work and risk. The officers have to ensure the citizens' safety and always be on their toes.

The Federal Decree No. (40) of 2008 gives an idea of the income of police and security force staff members in the UAE. They can earn via salaries, bonuses and allowances.

If the employees use the lodging provision, 20 per cent of the complementary bonus is deducted monthly.

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The force members have telephone allowance and periodic bonuses as well. Officers from the rank of brigadier and above can get an annual bonus equal to six per cent of their base salary as of January 1 of each year.

However, force members would not get annual bonus if they receive a mark lower than 'good' on their competency report.

Besides, force members are also entitled to special bonuses with a minimum of Dh500 and Dh20,000 monthly.

A position-related bonus is also available for officers. Under social bonus, Dh600 is paid monthly to male officers for each eligible National child.

They can also receive official mission allowance, monthly expatriation allowance etc. Other allowances include scholarship bonus, hardship allowance, clothing, and sustenance allowance.
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