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8 recruitment offices have licenses revoked

20 April 17

Saudi Gazette

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has cancelled the licenses of eight recruitment offices in various parts of the Kingdom for violating the rules and regulations.

Informed sources said the ministry has also withdrawn the bank guarantees of two recruitment offices for not honoring the terms of agreements with a number of clients.

They said the ministry also gave two other recruitment offices a grace period of two weeks to either honor their contracts with the clients or face closure.

Meanwhile, Minister Labor and Social Development Ali Al-Ghafis called for joint efforts by the ministry and the contacting sector to achieve results that would boost the national economy.

The minister made the call during a meeting in Riyadh with a number of contractors to discuss the problems facing the sector.

A task force from the ministry and the General Authority of Contractors (GAC) was set up to devise training programs that would qualify the national cadres to take up jobs in the contracting sector.

The meeting was attended by the GAC’s chairman Osama Al-Afaliq who stressed the importance of partnership between the ministry and the contractors in public interest.
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